Grupo Eclipse is a company dedicated to the service, consulting and maintenance of communications and Information Technology (IT) equipment such as: Big Data, Cloud Services, Networks, Cybersecurity, Data Center and Collaboration; as well as Digital Transformation through business integration projects supported with Artificial Intelligence. 

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data analysis (discovery package)

Analytics is a mix of science and art. In the technical part, the digital world, is where the raw material is obtained directly from the nature of the users.

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Phone System Bundledesign

Handle calls professionally, control communication costs, and stay connected.

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Wireless Bundle Design

The intelligence of SmartPrefix allows you to continue controlling the spending of telephone metered consumption, in accordance with the policies defined in your Call Manager, previously made available to the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT).

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Security Bundle Design Solution

Our solutions includes four great services, all for a down payment and a fixed monthly income.

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