Pure Lease
Digital transformation in your company is possible
through pure lease 


Maximize the operation of your company with leasing for your business. Acquire equipment without decapitalizing yourself


At  Grupo Eclipse Telecomunicaciones  we have solutions adaptable to your business of:

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Pure Lease

Operations in which the user enjoys an asset while paying rent for a specified time.

Simple credit                 

Process through which you acquire a solution in the term sale modality, which implies paying the investment in affordable monthly payments

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Maximize the operation of your company with leasing for your business. 

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• Higher cash flow (disbursement over time).
• Better use of budgets.
• Single point of purchase of the solution.
• Fiscal benefits.
• Avoid technological obsolescence.
• Lower Total Cost of Ownership (maintenance, disposal).
• Increase your profitability.
• Healthy portfolio.
• Liquidity.
• Access to larger projects.

Main advantages of pure leasing. 

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Leasing through  managed services.

We offer great alternatives in the face of uncertainty, wich are*:


Payment 2020 Support Program

Reduced payments to start and offset the financial commitment until next year.

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Deferral of Payment 

Buy today and pay later. You can defer the first payment up to 90 days to facilitate the purchase of the Project..


Accelerated Migration 

Monetize existing IT assets into a source of cash while retaining use of the assets at the workplace. (Sales and Lease Back).

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Defer or reduce expenses until 2021 *

• Differ 80% of expenses until 2021.
• Minimize payments.
• Reduce monthly expenses for the first 8 months.
• Complete portfolio of HPE servers and systems, network hardware and data storage.
• Select up to 20% of elements that are not hardware (e.g. software, application software, services and facilities) can be included.
• Qualify transactions starting at least $ 5,000 USD.

* Subject to credit approval per project
* Subject to the approved lease model

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