Eclipse & Cisco, 
Bridges to the digital future

Cisco architecture with
whom we work in Eclipse

Cisco Enterprise  Networking

We cover connectivity with innovative SD-WAN connectivity solutions, wireless networks and traditional solutions creating comprehensive environments for our clients maximizing the operational times of their business.



Our Collaboration solutions optimize decision-making processes by faciliting corporate communication for collaborators, generating meetings through high-definition videoconferences, through the use of computers and/or smartphones. With this, you have the possibility of 24/7 connectivity, simplicity, transparency, and timely solutions to achieve a more efficient operation.


Our services are based on keeping information safe. How do we do it?: We have expert consultants for the analysis of the information and environments of our clients, complementing with a SOC, Security Operation Center, with the ability to manage, analyze and mitigate attacks. We cover the cycle of the best market practices such as analysis, containment, mitigation and resolution, covering a wide portfolio of solutions.                 

Managed networks
in the Meraki cloud

It is the leader in cloud controlled WIFI, routing and security, secure and scalable, learn how Cisco Meraki Enterprise Networks just work.

Data Center

We create, design and implement next-generation data center models, whether they are private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds or multi-cloud environments where the great advantage for our lients is that these services are elastic and productive, optimizing their operation and minimizing the response times of the applications for the development and optimization of your business.           


AppDynamics will give you unrivaled insight into the future of application performance management and AIOps. With AppDynamics you can ensure the operational continuity of your business through an End-to-End monitoring platform and Artificial Intelligence algorithms that allow you to proactively identify incidents in the performance of your applications.

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