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Artificial intelligence lays the foundation for making smart hospitals a reality. With smart sensors like AI-enabled cameras and microphones, clinicians can improve public safety, patient care, and operational efficiency.

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  For smart hospitals

The need for smart hospitals has never been more urgent. Smart sensors can act as "eyes and ears," ensuring safety and operational excellence in critical ways,from temperature monitoring and detection of protective equipment to safe social distancing. NVIDIA Clara ™ Guardian is an application framework and partner ecosystem that brings together smart sensors and multimodal AI to improve patient care in healthcare facilities.

Patient monitoring 

Nurse fatigue and burnout are on the rise. Such conditions increase the risk of harm to the patient.  Solutions powered by Clara Guardian can keep track of patient activity and vital signs, enabling healthcare providers to deliver higher quality care to more patients with  lower risk of burnout and cost.

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Fall prevention 

The median cost to a hospital for a fall injury is $ 35,000. Medicare estimated that  $ 43,000 is added to the hospital cost for pressure injuries such as pressure sores. Amid COVID-19 distancing measures, drops in memory care have increased by 20 percent. Solutions powered by Clara Guardian can detect patient posture and activity  that can cause a fall and provide real-time emergency alerts to help prevent them.

Patient commitment

Recent data suggests that  only 35% of patients  feel valued by their doctor's office. Of those surveyed,  only 50%  believe that their doctors are readily available, and a fifth disagree or strongly disagree that their doctors are easily accessible. Solutions powered by Clara Guardian enable  multimodal conversational AI,  so healthcare providers can seamlessly interact with patients, improving outcomes and overall satisfaction without adding to their busy workloads.

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