The intelligence of SmartPrefix allows you to continue controlling the spending of telephone metered consumption, in accordance with the policies defined in your Call Manager prior to the official disposition of the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), the change to 10 digits in the national dialing and elimination of prefixes 01, 044, 045, LADA 800, LADA 900. This provision came into effect on August 3, 2020.
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Eclipse SmartPrefix logic                    

The user generares a call to the 10 digit Call Manager.

The Call Manager requests the resolution of the call type from the SmartPrefix before sending it to the PSTN gateway.


SmartPrefix identifies the destination call type to determine if it is a LOC, CEL, LDN, CLDN, etc.

The SmartPrefix resolution is sent to the Call Manager to be processed according to the configured dialing plan, depending on the type of identified call, the user requests their FAC according to the policy of the authorization level of access to the PSTN. 


The Call manager sends the 10 digit string of numbers to the gateway to be sent to the PSTN.


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Eclipse SmartPrefix Features.

 -It is 100% supported in Call Manager (CUCM) version 8.x and later.

- Ability to identify the type of calls for a central site, as well as for multiple remote offices in a centralized or distributed Call Manager environment.

- Identification of the type of call based on the originating site where the call was generated, sending it to the local gateway.

- High availability support (HA) under an Active / Passive scheme and / or load balancing. SmartPrefix integration is carried out natively to the Call Manager cluster, allowing high availability as it works with each of the nodes of the Call Manager cluster.

- It has the ByPass functionality in case the Call Manager cluster with SmartPrefix is ​​transparent, allowing all the current Call Manager capabilities to be managed as they are currently done, since SmartPrefix is ​​natively integrated.

- It does not require double administration, since the FAC codes (Forced Authorization Codes), Router Patterns or the manipulation of the digits are carried out in the Call Manager without having to administer an additional and / or external application to the Call Manager.

- SmartPrefix does not interfere with the current policy of making calls to the PSTN through any specific trunk in which preferential rates are negotiated.

- SmartPrefix can be implemented in different Sites and / or Data Centers in case the Call Manager cluster is distributed.

- The CDR database of the Call Manager does not suffer any affectation in its records to be able to rate the calls as it is currently made.

- SmartPrefix is ​​a virtual machine with Vmware and Hyperventilations support.


National Dialing Plan

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Technical requirements

VMware or MS HiperV.
Call Manager 8.x or superior.
1 VM with 2 vCPU, 6 GB RAM and 50 GB HDD.
Connectivity via the network to the cluster Call Manager.

2 VMs are required for HA.
Internet access for initial setup only.


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